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Panel 1: A laboratory. In the background there’s a table with some boxes, and a poster with a cartoon of a water molecule. Rho is sitting at a desk with his laptop, and jumps up startled by Beta, his advisor, who walks in behind him. Both are wearing labcoats, and Beta is also wearing protective goggles. She says “So how’s it going? Any conclusive results?”

Panel 2: Rho turns back, resting his arm on the back of his chair. He smiles and says “There’s only one conclusive result…”

Panel 3: Rho’s smile gets wider, but he’s sweating with nervousness. He says in big letters, “I AM STAYING IN THIS LAB FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE”

Panel 4: Rho rests his elbows on the desk and buries his face in his hands. Beta (off-panel) says “Come on, Rho, don’t get like that…!!”

Panel 5: Beta looks at Rho with a tiny smile and says “By the way, we just got funding for this longterm project we discussed…”. Rho is resting his head on his hand, looking defeated. In small lowercase letters, he says “I really am staying here forever”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare

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