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Five second rule

Five second rule published on No Comments on Five second rule

Don’t try this at home.

March is here, which means we’re back to our regular updates! I had a fantastic time during my vacation and I got to recharge my batteries, which is something I really needed.

I’d like to thank Joni, Lucho, Natalie and Cyndi for collaborating with guest art! you’re all fantastic, for reals ♥

Thanks for reading and see you next Monday 🙂


Panel 1: A plain green background that says “OKAY” in big letters. In a corner we see Xi pointing at Rho, looking a little concerned. Rho is holding a cookie. Xi says “You’re gonna eat that?”. Rho replies “Five second rule!”

Panel 2: A plain yellow background that says “NOT OKAY” in big letters. Xi is pointing at Rho again, now more visibly upset. She says “You’re gonna eat that?!”. Rho looks a little confused, and says “Uhh…five minute rule?”

Panel 3: A plain red background that says “ABSOLUTELY NOT OKAY” in big letters. Xi is clenching her hands and screaming, her eyes wide open. She looks really angry. She says “YOU’RE GONNA—“, but is interrupted by Rho, sweating and laughing nervously, as he says “FIVE HOUR RULE!!” in big bold letters.

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