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Panel 1: Aleph and Omicron walking in the park. Omi is holding a small paper cup. Aleph looks at Omi and says “I heard about Xi and Sigma…are you feeling okay?”, to which Omi replies “What?”

Panel 2: A close-up of Omi’s face, which is completely red in embarassment. There’s a bit of sweat running down his face. He just stares off with a nervous expression. Aleph (off-panel) says “Come on, I know you like her– it’s all over your face”

Panel 3: Omicron looks up, still blushing, trying to find the words. He nervously says “I…uhh…”

Panel 4: Omicron looks down with a shy smile. He says “It’s okay. I’m glad to know she’s happy.”

Panel 5: Omicron turns to Aleph, looking more calm. He says “That’s enough for me.”

Panel 6: Over a blank background, Aleph rests their hand on Omi’s shoulder. They close their eyes and say “Omi, I think you’re too good for this world”. Omi looks back at Aleph with a confused expression. He says “Uhh…thanks…?”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare