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Panel 1: A close-up of Xi, smiling and waving. She’s wearing a striped black and white dress. She says “Hey there! Are you ready to go—”

Panel 2: A tiny drawing of Xi, surprised. She says “oooohhh”

Panel 3: A close-up of Xi’s face, covering her mouth in surprise with star-shaped eyes. She says “COMPOSER” in big, bold letters.

Panel 4: Sigma’s apartment. Sigma is wearing dark sunglasses, a light blue dress shirt, and a dark blue tie and cardigan. He’s looking very nervous. He says “What, you don’t like it?”. Xi smiles nervously and says “No no no! You look great!”

Panel 5: A close-up of Xi, looking a bit surprised to hear Rho (off panel), who says “A-HEM”

Panel 6: Xi looks to the side with an amused, satisfied smile.

Panel 7: Xi raises her hands, happily looks to the side and says “Thanks, Rho!”. Rho (off panel) says “Anytime!”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare

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