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Panel 1: A food court stand for pasta. Sigma is standing in front of the counter. He says “Excuse me, do you have a Braille menu?”

Panel 2: The cashier (off panel) says “Braille? Is that the one with the dots…”, to which Sigma enthusiastically replies “Yes!”

Panel 3: The cashier (off panel) continues: “…and the dashes?”. Sigma looks confused. He says “What? no, that’s—that’s Morse?”

Panel 4: The cashier (off panel) starts reading the menu in Morse, shown as a speech bubble full of dots and dashes to represent the sounds. Sigma turns away from the counter with an expression that’s a mix of annoyance and disbelief. He says “I–I have to go”.

Panel 5: The food court. There are various people shown eating in the background. Xi is walking towards Sigma’s table, she’s carrying a tray with a burger and a soda on it. Sigma is sitting down eating sushi. Xi looks at him in surprise and says “Oh? I thought you were going to get pasta…”. Sigma calmly replies “I changed my mind”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare
  • Quetzalrofl

    This is what I love about purely visual mediums. Characters can speak “off-camera” without their voice immediately telling the audience something about them, allowing the author more freedom in choosing when to introduce humanlike AIs to the story.

    • Ooh, that’s a good take!! I like it…..

  • ZetaShadowDragon

    How many restaurants have braille menus? Why does the guy that doesn’t know the difference between braille and Morse code actually know Morse code?

    After looking it up, the Morse code says “Today’s special is chi” I wonder what the special was? Some sort of chili?

    • The special was chicken alfredo, I cut it out because of space 🙂

      And I learnt Morse code when I was in fifth grade while having no idea of what Braille was until much later, so I think it can happen…?

  • SparkyDragon

    Hello, hello, I’ve just found this comic and I do believe it is excellent. <3

    • Hello, welcome! thank you so much! ♥

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