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(The whole page is drawn in the simple, minimalist style of the videogame Omicron has been playing on previous comics.)

Panel 1: A close-up of a fishing bait shaped like a ball, floating in the river. Aleph (off-panel) says “This is so relaxing…”

Panel 2: Aleph and Omicron’s avatars, which are simplified versions of themselves, sitting on a bench. Both of them are holding fishing rods. Omicron’s avatar looks down and says “That’s why I like to come here…it helps me calm down.”

Panel 3: Aleph’s avatar turns to Omicron with a nervous smile and says “Yeah…real life can be too much sometimes. This is nice.”

Panel 4: Aleph’s avatar turns to look at the river, with a slightly worried expression. They say “You know, sometimes I wish I could be more like Xi and Sigma…”

Panel 5: Aleph’s avatar leans back as they pull their fishing rod, trying to get something out of the water. They say “It just looks like they have everything figured out–”

Panel 6: Aleph (off-panel) says “I-is that weird?”. Omicron’s avatar, sitting next to them, smiles and says “Nah, I get it.”

Panel 7: A close-up of Aleph’s avatar, holding an oarfish over their head with their eyes closed and big, proud smile. They say “Well, they don’t have this cool fish”. Omicron (off-panel) says “True…”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare
  • Well… It’s official: Aleph and Omi are my favorite gaming couple <3

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