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Panel 1: Outside Sigma’s apartment. Rho screams “SIGMA!!”. Sigma’s standing on the doorway to his apartment with a blank expression, and says “what”

Panel 2: Rho, looking really nervous, with sweat symbols all around his head. He’s wearing a gray dress shirt instead of his usual outfit. He says “I have a date with this cool girl from work and I need a confidence boost!!”

Panel 3: Rho places his hands on his shirt and asks “So, how do I look?”. Sigma frowns a little and says “I…don’t think I’m the best one to answer that.”, to which Rho replies “…good point.”

Panel 4: Rho runs away, so only his arm and part of his torso are shown in the panel. Sigma, still on the doorway, raises his hand and says “Just don’t mention that awful band you like and you’ll be okay!”. Rho says, in big letters, “SHUT UP THEY’RE AWESOME”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare