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Panel 1: A close-up of Omicron’s hand, holding the stick they were using to play the rhythm game Beat Beat Infinity. He flicks it, while the background shows a “WOW” and “TIMES 2”.

Panel 2: Another close-up of Omi’s hand, now moving the stick downwards and pressing it against his palm. The background reads “GOOD!”

Panel 3: Same close-up, but now the stick points upwards in a perfect vertical motion. The background has lines all over it, next to some text that reads “GREAT!”

Panel 4: Aleph, Omicron and Xi sitting on Rho’s couch, playing Beat Beat Infinity. Aleph looks at Omicron and says “You’re very good, Omi!”. Omicron grins, a little nervous, and says “Thanks…”. Xi remains silent, angrily staring at the screen while she moves the sticks around.

Panel 5: A close-up of the same three. Omicron is staring at the screen (off panel), a little nervous, but very focused on the game. Aleph and Xi look at the screen in astonishment, both with eyes wide open.

Panel 6: A little closer up, Aleph looks at Omicron, their eyes still wide open. Omicron is nervously looking at Xi, who is staring back at him with an angry expression. She says “Maybe too good…”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare
  • Michael Hawk

    i like the background colors getting more intense in the last three panels
    great job

  • Georgeo Brooks

    Xi, no

  • Haha, I totally relate to Xi’s competitiveness in these comics about gaming. Fear the wrath of the losing gamer. Nice work!

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