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Better safe than sorry

Better safe than sorry published on No Comments on Better safe than sorry

Well, it’s better to be prepared.

PS: Updates will be a bit slow for a while (probably once every two weeks), while I finish setting up the Postcards website and work on the first chapter of my next webcomic project. I’ll try my best to return to weekly updates as soon as possible, though!

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Panel 1: Sigma’s apartment. Sigma and Xi are kissing on the couch. There’s a slightly pink aura around them.

Panel 2: Sigma moves away from Xi, but they’re still holding eachother. Xi is blushing and trying not to laugh. Sigma, with his eyes wide open, says “What are you laughing at?”

Panel 3: Xi moves her hair behind her ear, looking a little embarassed. She’s still blushing. She says “It’s nothing, I was just thinking of that time Rho showed up out of nowhere and…”

Panel 4: A close-up of Xi, turning to Sigma with a surprised expression. She says “Uhh…”

Panel 5: In the foreground, Xi is still on the couch looking at Sigma. In the background, Sigma is carrying a chair and placing it in front of the entrance door. Xi says “Sig what are you doing”

Panel 6: Same shot, but now Sigma (off panel) is pushing an entire bookcase to block the entrance door. Xi, her eyes wide open in concern, says “SIGMA STOP” in big letters.

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