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Panel 1: Rho’s apartment. A close-up of Rho sitting on the couch, resting his head on the back of his hand. A voice from the TV says “Not this time, Dan…”. Rho smiles and says “Ooohh, she has a gun! This is gonna get intense.”

Panel 2: Rho says “Manda enters the room.”. Sigma, sitting next to him, furrows his brow and says “But Manda is dead.”. Rho says “Oh, is she? I’m bad at names.”, to which Sigma replies “Yes.”

Panel 3: The TV screen Rho and Sigma are watching. We can see the face of a man with glasses, looking angry. Sigma (off panel) says “I like this, you know? Hanging out with you, just like the old times…”. A voice from the TV says “Drop the gun—DON’T—”

Panel 4: A close-up of Rho’s bookshelves. There’s a lot of books and a small cactus. A “BLAM!” sound comes from the TV. Sigma (off panel) says “I still miss Xi, though.”

Panel 5: Sigma and Rho sitting on the couch over a white background. Sigma raises his eyebrows and says “No offense, but I like her descriptions better.”. Rho smiles and says “Yeah, me too.”

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