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An impossible proposal

An impossible proposal published on No Comments on An impossible proposal

Man, he’s not even gonna try.

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Panel 1: The record store. Rho and Aleph are both wearing their work uniforms, an orange shirt with a light blue hoodie. Aleph is sorting some records in one of the shelves. Rho says “Oh man, you need to go out with the gang sometime!”. Aleph, still looking at the records, says “Oh, I’d love to! They seem really nice.”

Panel 2: Rho gets more excited, while Aleph is still looking at the records. Rho says “I know you already met Sig, but, like– you have to hang out! he’s my best friend!”

Panel 3: Rho says “You’re gonna get along so well, he—“. He is interrupted by Aleph, who turns to him and says “Composer, just marry him already!”

Panel 4: A close-up of Rho’s face, looking dead serious. He says “Oh, I can’t do that.”

Panel 5: Same close-up, same expression. Rho says “I’m not strong enough to fight Xi”

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