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Panel 1: Sigma’s bedroom. Xi is sitting on the bed, stretching her arms overhead with her eyes closed. Her hair is messy, and she’s wearing an oversized white shirt. A bit of sunlight comes in from the half-closed window.

Panel 2: Xi turns to Sigma, who is sleeping next to her (almost off-panel, only the back of his head is visible). With a smile, she says “I’m going to make breakfast, okay?”. Sigma says “mhmm” in a wavy speech bubble.

Panel 3: Xi walking into the kitchen, yawning.

Panel 4: A close-up of Xi breaking an egg, letting it fall on a frying pan.

Panel 5: Same close-up, but now Xi’s turning to her left as she hears a “clic!” sound coming from somewhere off-panel.

Panel 6: In the foreground, Rho, seen from the back. On the background, Xi turning to look at Rho, with a slightly surprised expression. None of them says anything.

Panel 7: Same set up as the previous panel. Rho raises his hand and says “hi”. Xi looks at him with an angry stare and says “You really need to stop doing this”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare