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Panel 1: Backstage. Rho is closing his guitar case. In the background, Xi and Sigma are putting away their instruments. Xi says “That actually went better than I expected!”. Sigma turns to her and says “It was fun.”

Panel 2: A close-up of Rho, startled as he hears Aleph’s voice (off panel) saying “That was a great show, guys!”

Panel 3: Rho quickly runs and stands behind Sigma, looking worried and nervous. Sigma’s just standing there, not sure of what is happening. There are some question marks around him.

Panel 4: Rho ducks behind Sigma, pushing him forward. Sigma stands there more confused than before, now with multiple question and exclamation marks around him.

Panel 5: Aleph shows up, standing next to Sigma. Sigma extends his hand and says “I’m…guessing you must be Aleph.”. Aleph smiles and says “Yes! Nice to meet you!”. In the corner of the panel, we can see Rho hiding under Sigma’s keyboard.

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare