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Panel 1: Rho and Xi at the farmer’s market. Both of them are looking into the distance with confused expressions. Rho says “So my advisor…”. Xi replies “And my commander…”

Panel 2: A big panel, with a close-up of Rho and Xi screaming in the foreground. Both of them say “ARE A COUPLE?!” in big, bold red letters. In the background, a mental image of Alpha and Beta, hugging and smiling.

Panel 3: Xi, still looking into the distance, raises her eyebrows. She says “Such a small world…”. Rho (off-panel) says “wait–”

Panel 4: Rho slides next to Xi with a smile and says “Does that mean we’re like siblings now or—“, but is interrupted by Xi who says “NO” in big bold letters, without even turning to look at Rho.

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare
  • I love this page! Coincidences like this always blow my mind.

    • kurisquare

      Thank you! and yeah, I’ve been in similar situations and it’s mindblowing x’D