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A small world (1)

A small world (1) published on No Comments on A small world (1)

That was…unexpected.

Hi again, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the guest comics we had while I was on vacation. As for me, I had a wonderful time that got me really motivated to keep working on my projects!! I still need to settle in and catch up with a lot of work, though, but I should be able to keep up with updates for a while.

PS: I made a little reader survey for Postcards in Braille! it’s really short and it’d help me out a lot if you answered it, so please check it out! it’s right here.


Panel 1: Rho and Xi shopping at a farmer’s market. Rho turns around and says “Wait, is that…”

Panel 2: A close-up of Beta, Rho’s thesis advisor. She’s looking to the side, laughing. Rho (off-panel) says “…my advisor?”

Panel 3: Same close-up of Beta, but now she’s turning her head towards Rho.

Panel 4: On the foreground, the back of Rho’s head. On the background, Beta and Alpha, Xi’s commander, looking at Rho and Xi. Beta’s waving at Rho, holding to Alpha’s arm. She says “Oh! Hi, Rho!”. Alpha, smiling slightly, says “‘Morning, Xi.”

Panel 5: Rho smiles and says “Hello!”. Next to him, Xi raises her hand to her forehead, giving a salute. Enthusiastically, she says “Good morning, Commander!”

Panel 6: Rho and Xi look to the side as Alpha and Beta (off-panel) leave.

Panel 7: Rho and Xi look at eachother, their mouths wide open in surprise. Above them there’s various bold exclamation and question marks.

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