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A simple solution

A simple solution published on No Comments on A simple solution

Xi’s a straightforward person with straightforward advice. I mean, how hard can it be to talk…?

PS: I’ll be on vacation during most of February so I might not be around much, but the comic will keep updating while I’m gone! I hope you have a great week!


Panel 1: A café. Rho is sitting at one of the tables. He says “So I called you because I need to talk to you about something…”

Panel 2: Xi, sitting at the other side of the table. She’s looking calm, but a little confused. She says “Rho, are you okay?”

Panel 3: Rho and Xi sitting at the table. Rho rests his arms on the table and says “It’s about Aleph, I don’t know what’s going on between us and–”

Panel 4: Xi leans forward, resting her head on her hand, and says “Have you tried talking to her?”. Rho throws his face against the table, holding his head, and says “AAAAAAAA”

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