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Panel 1: An outline of a cilinder drawn with purple lines. Sigma says (off panel) “A bar? no…”

Panel 2: An outline of a bicycle handle drawn with purple lines. Sigma says (off panel) “a handle?”

Panel 3: A park. Sigma is holding to the handle of a red bicycle. He says “Is it a bike?”. Xi smiles, claps her hands and says “It’s a tandem bike! Happy birthday!”

Panel 4: Sigma holds his head with his hands with a smile, and says “Wow, this is–“. He is interrupted by Rho (off panel), who says “SO COOL!” in big, bold letters.

Panel 5: Rho shows up and grabs Sigma by the shoulders. Sigma is visibly surprised. Rho says “Now we can ride together like BEST BUDDIES!!”

Panel 6: Rho grabs Sigma with one arm and holds the tandem bike with the other, running away. He screams “ONWARDS!” in big, bold letters. Xi is running behind them, with a furious expression.

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare