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A hidden memento

A hidden memento published on 2 Comments on A hidden memento

Rho made sure no one forgets he used to live there.

What is that? You wish you had Dog & Fries stickers you could randomly place around your home? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER, because we have Dog & Fries stickers for sale at the DOG & FRIES EXTRAVAGANZA STORE!!


The store is run by my best pal (and official Dog & Fries artist) Danica, so everything ships from the USA – making it easier on shipping for most of you! We have stickers of Dog and the whole Postcards cast, with more stuff to come in the future :^)

You can also now follow @dognfries on Twitter for announcements, contests, and overall fun, so keep an eye on it!

PS: we should be back to weekly updates now! it was about time.


Panel 1: Sigma’s apartment. Pi, Eta, Sigma and Xi are sitting at the table. There are some empty plates and glasses. Eta clasps her hands together and says “This was delicious!!”. Sigma, standing up, smiles proudly and says “Thanks! I’ll go get dessert…”. Xi turns to him and says “I’ll help you!”

Panel 2: A close-up of Sigma opening the kitchen cupboard, looking calm.

Panel 3: Sigma opens his eyes in surprise, his hand on the inside of one of the cupboard doors. There’s a speech bubble with a question mark in it.

Panel 4: Sigma turns to his left looking a bit confused and uncomfortable. His hand is still placed on the cupboard door. He says “Uhm…Xi…”

Panel 5: Xi is now standing next to Sigma, carrying a stack of bowls. She turns to him and says “What happened?”. Sigma is looking concerned. He points to the cupboard, not turning his head towards it, and says “There’s some sort of sticker on the inside of the cupboard,”

Panel 6: Sigma puts his hands over his face, covering his eyes with his fingers. He looks upset, like he was having a headache. He says “Just…please tell me it’s not the dog–“. Xi, now looking up at the cupboard, says “That is definitely a dog”

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