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Panel 1: A close-up of Xi, looking very excited. She says “Composer, I’m so excited to have Omi in the band!”

Panel 2: Sigma’s apartment. Sigma’s sitting on the couch, fidgeting with a nervous smile. Xi’s standing next to him, rubbing her arm and looking a little worried. She says “You don’t look very happy about it, though…”. Sigma says “Me? Oh, I’m just a little bit nervous…”

Panel 3: A close-up of Sigma, raising his eyebrows. He says “I mean, Omicron’s your best friend!”

Panel 4: Same close-up. Sigma starts looking more worried. He says “What if he doesn’t like me?”

Panel 5: Looking at Sigma’s face even closer. He brings his hands to his face, sweating. He says “He’s from SECURITY! He could kill me!!”

Panel 6: Xi, staring at Sigma (off panel) with a little confused expression.

Panel 7: Omicron, gently taking care of some flowers in his apartment. The whole room is dark, except for the light coming from the window. He’s wearing gardening gloves and is holding a watering pot.

Panel 8: Back to Xi, she smiles dismissing Sigma’s worries with a wave of her hand. She says “I’m sure you’ll be fine…”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare

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