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A guide to guiding

A guide to guiding published on No Comments on A guide to guiding

Did I just trick you into LEARNING STUFF? Yes.

October is Blindness Awareness Month and I thought it’d be proper to do something about it, so here’s a special two-page educational comic! All while Rho tries to make up for what he did. He tries his best.


A drawing of Rho’s face with a big smile. Next to it, in big letters, it says “Rho’s basic guide to being a human guide!”

CAPTION: First, here’s an example of what not to do:

Panel 1: Rho and Sigma drawn in a very simple style over a plain background. Rho says “Let me help you!”. Sigma, looking worried, says “but–”

Panel 2: Rho grabs Sigma by the arm and starts walking, saying “Time to go places!”. Sigma is visibly distressed, sweating, and only says “aaaaaa” in a very long speech bubble.

CAPTION: Communication is important! Always ask if any help is needed.

Panel 3: Sigma holding to Rho’s arm. Rho is calm and happy, but Sigma is looking annoyed.

CAPTION: Let the person you’re guiding hold your arm above the elbow (this might vary if one of you is too tall or short). This way you’ll be walking about one step ahead.

Panel 4: Sigma points at Rho and says “You KNOW I’m still made at you, right?”. Rho starts sweating and mumbles “AAAAA SORRY SORRY SORRY AAAAA”

CAPTION: To go through a narrow space, move your guiding arm behind you so you can walk in a single line.

Panel 5: Sigma holding to Rho’s arm, walking behind him. Both are walking in a busy street full of people.

CAPTION: Before going up or down stairs, verbally state if they go up or down and let the person you’re guiding hold your arm with one hand and the handrail with the other. Pause when you reach the end of the stairs.

Panel 6: Rho and Sigma walking down a set of stairs, following the description from the caption.

CAPTION: If you have to leave the person you’re guiding, make sure they’re left in contact with a stable object like a wall or railing.

Panel 7: Rho (off panel) says “Be right back”. Sigma is left standing in a plain background, with nothing else in sight. He yells “RHO WHERE ARE YOU GOING”

PAnel 8: Rho shows up again, sweating and smiling nervously, pushing Xi in front of him. He says “Guess who’s here!!”. Xi, with a confused smile, says “Guys, what’s going on…? Where’s your cane?”. Sigma, crossing his arms with a frown, says “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

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