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A dog misplaced

A dog misplaced published on 1 Comment on A dog misplaced

Way to kill the mood there, buddy.

Hey there, we’re back!! I had to take a short break from Postcards to finish my short autobio comic Comics & Poutine, which is now available on Gumroad! – it’s received some really good comments so far, so if you’re into some fun travel journals you might want to check it out 🙂

As you probably know already, we are approaching the end of Postcards in Braille. If everything goes according to plan (i.e. I keep updating every week) I estimate the finale to be around early December. Thank you so much for reading! ♥


Panel 1: Sigma’s bedroom. A close-up of Xi and Sigma sitting next to each other. Sigma is softly touching Xi’s chin with a calm smile. Xi looks flustered, with a shaking smile. Sigma says “Oh, what was that?”. Xi says “S-shut up”. Sigma continues, “looks like someone’s…”. Xi interrupts “Shut up”. Sigma finishes saying “…ticklish?”

Panel 2: Xi says “sh–” but is interrupted by Sigma, who holds her and throws her on her back. We can see Xi with her eyes open wide, and a THROW sound effect drawn above them.

Panel 3: A close-up of Xi lying on the bed while Sigma kisses her neck. She laughs, blushing, and says “hahaha! hey!!”

Panel 4: Xi looks up at the ceiling. Taped to the ceiling is a posted of Dog & Fries, with a smiling Dog in the middle over a bunch of fries in the background. Xi, still lying on her back, looks at the poster with concern. She says “uhh…”

Panel 5: Sigma quickly stands up, a little flustered. He says “are you okay?”. Xi replies “yeah, it’s just…how do I…”

Panel 6: A close-up of Xi, looking up at the ceiling with an expression of deep thought.

Panel 7: Same close-up as previous panel, but now Xi stands up a little and points to Sigma (off panel), staring at him with a serious expression. She says “there’s a dog on the ceiling”

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