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A decision made

A decision made published on 6 Comments on A decision made

We could make this apartment a home. Wouldn’t that be nice?

PS: It’s weird to be writing this, but we are actually approaching the end of Postcards in Braille. I can’t tell you exactly when it’s going to end because I haven’t written everything, but before the end of the year for sure. I know Postcards looks like the kind of comic that could go on forever, so this might look a bit out of the blue, but it’s something I’ve been planning for over a year. I’ll explain it more when the time comes.

Thank you so much for your support so far, and I hope you stay around for what’s left of this. ♥


Panel 1: Sigma’s apartment. Sigma and Xi are sitting next to eachother on the couch. Sigma is pulling his goggles over his head, looking a little sad. He says “So, about the other day…”

Panel 2: A close-up of Xi, sadly looking down. She’s blushing a little. Sigma (off panel) says “I’m sorry it was such an uncomfortable situation…”

Panel 3: A close-up of Sigma’s hands, resting on his lap with his fingers intertwined. He says “It was so out of the blue, uh, I don’t expect you to–”

Panel 4: A close-up of Sigma, holding his hands up nervously. He says “I mean it’s up to you, I don’t mind if–“. He is interrupted by Xi (off panel), who says “Sigma,”

Panel 5: Xi turns to Sigma and grabs his hands between hers. She stares at him in the eyes, raising her eyebrows and blushing nervously. She says “I…”

Panel 6: A close-up of Xi’s face. Still blushing, she smiles. She says “I would love to move in with you.”

Panel 7: Xi leans in to kiss Sigma, who sits there without moving. The background begins to fade, there’s only the couch and a plain blue behind it.

Panel 8: Sigma and Xi hold eachother and start laughing. Sigma says “Ahaha! Okay!”. Xi says “Yes!”. The couch they’re on starts fading too, the borders start to disappear.

Panel 9: Sigma and Xi hugging, now on a white and clear background. Sigma smiles even more and says “That’s great!”

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  • Skeleton Man

    and after that, they adopt Rho, he is going to be in the apartment anyway so, why not? XD

  • Nama

    Ahh, adorable

  • Alfonso N. Piñate López

    And then it’s about Aleph?

  • Francisca U. Saavedra


  • Shi


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