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A display of self-affection

A display of self-affection published on 2 Comments on A display of self-affection

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article on refreshable Braille displays. I have no idea if you can use two displays at once with current technology, but it is worth a try, right?

Also: first comic of 2017! it took me a little longer than expected to update again, but the holiday season and a bit of tendinitis got me behind on my schedules. It feels good to be back šŸ™‚


Panel 1: Sigma’s apartment. Sigma opens the door and enters the apartment with a huge smile. In one hand he’s holding a cardboard box. He says “It’s finally here!!”

Panel 2: Rho peeks from the couch and asks “What’s that?”. Sigma places the box on the kitchen counter and says “My new display!”

Panel 3: A close-up of Sigma opening the cardboard box. On the inside there’s a lot of foam peanuts protecting the package. Rho (off-panel) says “I thought you already had a display…”. Sigma says “Oh, I do!”

Panel 4: Sigma turns to Rho, who’s still peeking from the couch. Sigma, raising both hands with a grin, says “But with two displays I’ll be able to read two lines at once, and work twice as fast!!”. Rho says “Wow…”

Panel 5: In the background, Rho hides a little behind the couch and says “What a nerd”. On the foreground, a close-up of Sigma hugging a Braille display, smiling with a little blush. He says “A happy nerd…”

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