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23, m (he)

A recent college graduate, Sigma now works in the development of new technologies at 02. His cane is said to have secret location powers, but no evidence has been found.

21, f (she)

Xi is the star student pilot at 01, and also works as a beta tester for the team at 02. Sweet but short-tempered, Xi is impulsive and overprotective of those she loves (especially her partner Sigma), and won’t hesitate to throw a punch if it’s necessary.

23, m (he)

Sigma’s best friend and former roommate, Rho’s a social butterfly who wants to have a good time. He’s currently juggling his studies in biomedical engineering, a part-time job at a record store, and a full-time job as the #1 fan of the worst band ever known.

20, m (he)

Xi’s copilot and best friend, Omicron’s a student pilot at 01. He’s very quiet and can look intimidating at first, but on the inside he’s just shy and caring (and maybe a bit too anxious). He also has a one-sided crush, but he’s alright with that. It’s not the end of the world, right?

22, nb (they)

Aleph works with Rho at the record store, but has a way better taste in music than him. They recently started hanging out with the rest of the Postcards crew, but they’re not too close yet. Aleph thinks they’re all cool people, though.