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Postcards in Braille will always be available to read for free, but it takes time and supplies for me to make it! Here are some of the things you can do to support me so I can keep working on this:

Become a patron on Patreon: Patreon is a platform that helps creators get monthly financial support from their fans. Starting from $1 per month, you can become a patron and get access to exclusive bonus content, all while helping me keep making comics! You can edit your pledge or opt out at any time.

Make a one-time donation on my tip jar: If ongoing payments aren’t your thing, you can drop me a tip on my ko-fi page.

Ad Revenue & Tipping (via Tapas): If you use the Tapas app, you can read the comic there and send me a tip using their coin system, which you can buy or get for free by watching videos. You can also disable your ad blocker on the Tapas site to help me get money from ad revenue.

Buy some goodies at the Dog & Fries store: Right now we have stickers of the Postcards cast and the dog from Dog & Fries, but we’ll be making more fun merchandise in the future! Ships from the US.

Share the comic: If you enjoy the comic, you can spread the word about it by telling a friend or sharing it on social media! Word of mouth goes a long way ♥

A small world (1)

A small world (1) published on No Comments on A small world (1)

That was…unexpected.

Hi again, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the guest comics we had while I was on vacation. As for me, I had a wonderful time that got me really motivated to keep working on my projects!! I still need to settle in and catch up with a lot of work, though, but I should be able to keep up with updates for a while.

PS: I made a little reader survey for Postcards in Braille! it’s really short and it’d help me out a lot if you answered it, so please check it out! it’s right here.


GUEST COMIC: ClefdeSoll published on 1 Comment on GUEST COMIC: ClefdeSoll

Fun fact: I own that bag in real life. I don’t regret buying it at all.

This week’s guest comic is by my comic pal ClefdeSoll, author of Yokoka’s Quest!! YQ is a really sweet comic with a charming cast (warning: Yfa is too cute to handle) and you should totally give it a look 😉

I hope you enjoyed this short guest comic round! if everything goes well, regular updates should be back around March. See you then!


GUEST COMIC: Rodrigo V. published on 1 Comment on GUEST COMIC: Rodrigo V.

A hardcore fan is worth a thousand regular fans.

Hello everyone! I am writing this from the past, so by the time this comic goes up I’ll be on vacation! February is my summer break month and I’m doing my best to avoid work and recharge as much as possible. In the meantime I got a couple guest comics I hope you guys enjoy ♥

This week’s comic is by Rodrigo V., a fellow chilean comic artist who is just…extremely cool?! every time we hang out to talk about comics I get SO HYPED!! If you want to read more from him you can follow him on Twitter.

There’s another guest comic next Monday, so stay tuned! 😛