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Layering up

Layering up published on No Comments on Layering up

You don’t want him to catch a cold, do you?

Fun fact: this comic takes place in the southern hemisphere! I live in Chile, so this is clearly what feels more natural to me. Also, you don’t know how many times I’ve gotten messages from people asking me stuff like “why do you say you’re on winter break if it’s summer???”, like they had no idea that it’s winter for half of the planet. Hmm.

Like, so ironic

Like, so ironic published on No Comments on Like, so ironic

Can’t say he didn’t warn you, Rho.

You might remember Dog & Fries from the first two pages of this comic! It’s your new favorite band. The cover art was drawn by my fantastic friend Zen and you can see it here. (I was there when she drew it!! good memories!!)

PS: I probably won’t update for a week or two, my semester is coming to an end and I need to focus, aaand I also need to work on my other comic, Granito. It won’t be too long, though!! see you then!

Life-changing experience

Life-changing experience published on No Comments on Life-changing experience

My OTP, everyone.

This follows the comic from last week, and next comic will be Part 3! It feels nice to have comics related to the same story arc even though they’re meant to be independent (?). Currently still on an arc called “Rho just moved out what does the future hold for me” (working title)