No place for tears

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It’s okay, Rho, I feel you… Updates will be a bit slow for a moment, I have other things to finish (con prep, mostly) and I want to get them out of the way as soon as possible! You can always follow me on Twitter to know what I’m up to, it’s where I post… Continue reading No place for tears

GUEST COMIC: Håvard Heggenhougen

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Why am I not surprised…. This week’s comic is brought to you by Håvard Heggenhougen, half of the creative team behind the webcomic Grapple Seed! the comic is on hiatus right now, but you can find pages over at Sketchmazoid’s Patreon page. You can also follow Håvard on Twitter at @watchyourgrip! A LITTLE NOTE: I’ll… Continue reading GUEST COMIC: Håvard Heggenhougen

A dog misplaced

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Way to kill the mood there, buddy. Hey there, we’re back!! I had to take a short break from Postcards to finish my short autobio comic Comics & Poutine, which is now available on Gumroad! – it’s received some really good comments so far, so if you’re into some fun travel journals you might want… Continue reading A dog misplaced

Postcards in Braille

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You know that moment when they say the title of the movie during the movie? This page is dedicated to Rodrigo and Feña from Mapachestudios, the first ones to make me realize this thing about the narrative of Postcards itself: showing just enough for one to fill in the gaps. It’s something I didn’t do… Continue reading Postcards in Braille


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Almost 4 years ago, in February 2014, I was visiting my friend Danica in Kentucky, USA. It was late at night, we were joking about how Dog & Fries would sound like, and I wanted to play around with some art supplies I had bought for my comics. So I drew a couple pages from… Continue reading Epilogue