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Postcards in Braille is a comic about a group of friends stepping into adulthood, in a world not too different from ours. Oh, and two of these friends are dating. And one of them is blind.

This comic is now finished. It ran from March 2014 to December 2017.

Tapastic (English)
Tapastic (Español)

About the author

Postcards in Braille is written and drawn by Constanza Yovaniniz, a 20-something Astronomy grad student living in Santiago, Chile. Postcards is her favorite project to date, but don’t tell her other projects about that.

Contact, etc: | | @kurisquare

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dog & Fries sound like?
Imagine a mix of Animal Collective and Dan Deacon, but bad. Really bad.

What inspired you to make a comic with a blind protagonist? Do you know anyone who’s blind?
Not closely, at least. All I’ve learned about Braille, blindness awareness, etc. has been because of the research I’ve done to write Sigma. He was originally a side character I created for a different comic, but I kept doing little doodles of him that eventually turned into short comics that eventually turned into Postcards in Braille.

However, I do have deaf friends and teachers who have taught me more about accessibility and disability representation in media. I owe them a whole lot for that.

Why does everyone keep saying ‘Composer’?
Refer to this page. But to sum it up: it’s an in-universe thing, just like having Greek letters for names.
Just try replacing every expression like “oh my god” with “oh, Composer” and it should make sense.

Art by D. Shazzbaa Bennett

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